a new era in music books has arrived!

dlp Music Books offer you everything traditional music books do and so much more. You’ll find in every dlp Music Book great educational content presented in an engaging and interactive format. PLUS, dlp Music Books allow you to talk directly with the professionals who write the books to get assistance and help whenever needed (impossible to do with traditional music books!). Access your dlp Music Books using your favorite Apple, Android, or Windows device any time, any where!

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dlp Kore Music Books

Our Kore Music Books were initially developed with the beginner in mind. However, don’t be fooled into thinking that these books are too easy for you! We teach using the Kore Music Books at The Dallas School of Music and every student finds them challenging. If you think we’re kidding, just try to play through all skill levels in Book 2!

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dlp Jazz Music Books

No doubt you can find plenty of jazz theory books and play alongs to tinker around with in hopes of improving your jazz skills. However, try finding jazz books that actually teach you how to think and improvise like professional jazz musicians. Look no further – our Jazz Music Books do a beautiful job of bridging the huge gap between jazz theory and performance!

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dlp Music Outreach

An entire collection of dlp Music Books is donated to an at-risk youth on your behalf when you purchase a dlp Music Book. Thank you for helping us encourage lives through the gift of music.

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